We know the quality of our work will be best judged by those we’ve worked for. View our testimonials below!

“Great. Their prices were reasonable and the trees look very nice. Happy with the results.”
– Randy & Connie Clausen
Amherst, WI
“Took down a diseased elm and removed brush. Good communication; they kept me up to date with all information.”
– Jackie Rusch
Stevens Point, WI
“John cares about the trees and has a wealth of knowledge. He knows how to trim them to encourage new safe growth. I have used their services on a couple occasions and will call them again.”
– Joanne Anderson
Stevens Point, WI
“They cut down and removed from my land eight trees plus trimmed two 40-foot pines from the ground up to eight feet so I can walk under the limbs. The owner and one helper started at 1 p.m. and were completely done and cleaned up very well by 6 p.m. the same day. I will be doing business with this vendor again. He was the most responsive for the estimate and the best price for the complete job.”
– Dave Mills
Stevens Point, WI
“The job went extremely well. John arrived and was ready to go. He climbed the tree and took each limb down 1 by 1 sending each limb safely to the ground on a zip line. Not a single branch even came close to landing on my house. After topping the tree, he laid the rest of it down perfectly avoiding my fence (just feet to the left and my blacktop driveway (just feet to the right). He used all of the limbs he had lowered earlier as a cushion for the main tree structure to fall on. He then chipped up everything and I was left with only the main structure which a friend of mine wanted. All in all smooth job and a pleasure to work with! I recommend Eagle Tree Care to everyone! And remember you get what you pay for sometimes.”
– Tom W.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“Thin branches on very large maple tree. Top an old half dead Scotch pine tree. Shred branches and cleaned up. John and his associate climbed the trees safely and did the work professionally. They were on the estimate and will come back to do other work later.”
– Wenzel Albrecht
Amherst, WI
“John trimmed various trees for us and cut down a very large pine tree in our back yard. His prices were extremely fair in comparison to other services we had priced out. Additionally, he was very flexible in terms of scheduling when to complete the work. We were very satisfied with his services.”
– Russell and Heidi Bork
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“They took down two enormous trees in my front yard. They did an excellent job, were really professional and accommodating with the schedule. The owner, John, was prompt and they worked quickly.”
– Aaron Tubbs
Stevens Point, WI
“Extremely polite and considerate owner/operator. Communicated what to expect and fulfilled commitment. Also supplied a list or references who were also very happy. You won’t be sorry if you go with Eagle Tree Care, LLC.”
– Kathy Lepak
Stevens Point, WI
“He came to my property and explained what, why and how much trimming he recommended. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job. He removed the lower dead branches from my pine trees and pruned my apple and birch trees. He explained how often apple and birch trees should be pruned for proper growth and production of fruit. He cleaned up all branches from my yard. He did a great job and I am very happy with his work. I will have him come back every two years to prune my trees.”
– Beth Schaefer
Marshfield, WI
“They were very nice, did a great job, and were very professional. They charged a fair price, were friendly, and answered any questions we had. They also came on time.”
– Dustin Lease
Stevens Point, WI
“Eagle Tree Care removed a very large maple tree from between my house and garage. Their estimate was competitive and they performed the job as described. They were professional did quality work. John came to my house and gave me an estimate with several options. After securing Eagle Tree Care for the job they came and removed the tree. The job took a little longer than estimated, but they still stuck to their estimated price. There was some lawn damage/divots/ruts, but this was expected because the earth was soft due to it being spring and they dropped a large tree. They did lay down sections of the tree as “pads” to limit the ground damage.”
– Eric Simkins
Wausau, WI
“I called owner (John) and he said he would be happy to come and look at the project and give me an estimate. I called others for estimates with some success. While Eagle’s estimate was not the lowest, I felt the most comfortable with John as a result of our conversation. I called John and we set a date and time for Eagle Tree Care to do the work. I was concerned about using a bucket truck, possibly cracking some green (not fully cured) driveway concrete. John said they would do all the work by climbing. They showed up on the appointed day about 1.5 hours before scheduled time and asked if it would OK to begin work. Fine with me. John and a helper were on site and both climbing the tree at times. The work was completed to my satisfaction and cleaned up well. Getting back to the discount coupon. John gave me a bill on site after the work was complete. Get this… John pointed out to me that he had made an error on the invoice, by not deducting the total amount of the discount. I was so pleased by John’s honesty and the work just completed I wrote out a check for the amount presented on the invoice and happy to do it.”
– Marion Flood
Stevens Point, WI
“They came when they said they would and gave a reasonable estimate. They were very polite and thorough.”
– James Gifford
Plover, WI
“John trimmed trees in my back yard as well as removed a stump in the front, leveled the ground and planted new grass. John provided a good estimate, prompt time for the service and followed up to make sure the work was complete to my expectations. I did have him do other work later in the summer after some storm damage happened to one of my trees.”
– Will Vogel
Stevens Point, WI
“Eagle Tree Care took down a couple of dead trees on a property that I own. They checked up the tree and major branches. The rest they turned into wood chips. The overall experience was great. I have found Eagle Tree Care to be very responsive by phone and email. While it is true you could find a “cheaper” service, you are not going to beat the quality of service. I utilize them for the first time about a year ago and they still contact me from time to time to verify that I am happy and if there’s anything they can follow up on.”
– Luke Hilgers
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“I had a tall, dead spruce tree in my front yard. Eagle Tree Care removed the dead tree and stump and thinned my other trees in a safe, professional and timely manner. The price was great. I highly recommend them!”
– David O’Keefe
Stevens Point, WI
“John got over to the site quickly and removed the three trees I asked him to. Everything was removed afterwards and the site was cleaned completely.”
– Noah Eschenbauch
Stevens Point, WI
“John and his worker did a terrific job. We got estimates from three tree guys. Eagle was the lowest. He actually worked on four neighbor’s houses all the same week. He removed one very large 60 year old maple and ground the stumps for three other trees. He provided the estimate perfectly, he called to schedule a time he could do all four houses at once, he came on the correct date, he did the work exactly as we discussed, and then he cleaned up exactly as he said he would. No complaints at all. If I needed more work done I would definitely call him. I am betting that all four of us in Park Ridge were as pleased as we were at our house. Did a great job.”
– Patricia Baker
Park Ridge, WI
“Eagle Tree Care removed a huge tree which was hanging over and through power lines. They removed all wood, ground the stump, chipped the brush, and left the yard clean. Eagle Tree Care was flexible to my schedule, on time and completed fast. Very easy to work with and professional at every stage.”
– Richard Blue

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